Target Vehicle Rental

Target Vehicle Rental



Nothing beats the adventure of striking out into the wilderness in an off-road vehicle. Whether it be for hauling camping supplies, off-road driving or just for a comfortable ride, renting off-road vehicles can be both fun and exciting. Be sure to get insured if you are taking your vehicle into the unknown. The potential for damage increases with bad weather and rough terrain. If you are in open-air vehicles, be sure to bring the proper equipment and clothing to keep you safe and comfortable.

Quad Bikes

I love going off roads in a quad bike. They handle similarly to cars without the hassle of a large body or the separation from the outside. Remember to be safe on quad bikes, as they can tip over—albeit, not as easily as a dirt bike or a motorcycle! The main disadvantages behind quad bikes is that they are expensive to rent and cannot hold a large amount of cargo. Usually, quad bikes only hold two people or one person with cargo. Additionally, they are not as fuel efficient as motorcycles and do not carry that much fuel.

Sport Utility Vehicles

The SUV is a versatile and powerful vehicle. It can haul up to eight people and has plenty of room for cargo. It has high suspension for rough terrain, and often comes with a powerful V6 or V8 motor and four wheel drive. Because these vehicles are highly sought after, they are fairly expensive to rent. Additionally, they are almost never fuel efficient, adding to the overall costs.


The motorhome is just that. It comes with a large living space five to ten meters in length and sits on a commercial truck chassis. It can tow just about anything and has high suspension that can handle moving. However, the motorhome is top-heavy and can tip over easily. The vehicle is tough to handle, and only experienced drivers should embark on such a driving challenge. It is inefficient and expensive to rent, far more so than a sedan or van.