When you need more space for more people, you need to rent a passenger vehicle. Whether it be for a special occasion, babysitting a family while the parents are on vacation or transporting some workers, you may need some space that your current cars cannot provide. Remember that different passenger vehicles are used for different purposes and that the prices vary depending on the vehicle type.


The minivan is the cheapest way to transport between five and eight people due to its fuel efficiency and space. The minivan usually has low suspension making it strictly a pavement vehicle, and it comes with standard safety features and easy handling. For most drivers, the minivan is easy to operate, and someone who has never driven one will quickly get used to its size and handling. This vehicle type usually has a far less powerful engine than the SUV, so be careful if you are considering towing a trailer.

Passenger Vans

The passenger van is designed to transport a massive group of people, usually ranging from nine to fifteen passengers. The van has a higher suspension than the minivan and is much more top heavy, meaning that it can tip over more easily! The passenger van has a more powerful engine, usually a V8, meaning that fuel efficiency is low. Most passenger vans are already extremely long, so towing a trailer is usually out of the question. Most passenger vans are strictly used to get large groups of people around an urban area. The passenger van is also more expensive to rent than a minivan or a sedan.


The most expensive and luxurious of all passenger vehicles, the limousine is built to attract attention and bring a luxury standard above and beyond any other vehicle. The limo usually seats anywhere from six to ten people comfortably, and comes with its own driver as part of the service.