Target Vehicle Rental

Target Vehicle Rental



Moving a lot of cargo, either for moving or for other projects, takes space, power, and a specific design that most cars just don’t have. Sometimes you just need more room to transport materials for construction, personal belongings for a move, or supplies for camping. Don’t try to cram it all into a small sedan, a van, or even an SUV. Renting a shipping vehicle will make your life easier and will make the project go faster.

Flatbed Trucks

The flatbed truck is a design almost as old as the car itself. It has a small cab usually designed to fit two to four people. It has an engine with either four cylinders or six cylinders, and it comes with a bed in the back for hauling cargo. Most trucks have an open bed exposed to the elements, but some trucks do come with a covered bed. In addition to rental companies, hardware stores and moving companies will often rent out flatbed trucks to customers who need to haul their products. The rent for a truck depends on who’s renting it and how long it will be gone.

Moving Trucks

A moving truck or van is usually driven by a professional. But if the truck is small enough, it can be operated by an inexperienced driver. The moving truck is extremely expensive and the fuel is usually expensive too. They are difficult and expensive to maintain, thus creating a high price to rent. They come with a commercial engine that can feature anything from a V8 engine to a massive commercial-grade semi-trailer truck chassis. Remember to hire a driver if you cannot handle the size of the vehicle.


The trailer is the cheapest form of rental as there is nothing motorised or expensive involved in maintaining it. Trailers for hauling cargo are featured both in covered and exposed space, and are easy to attach to a hauling kit on your existing car. They do decrease your fuel efficiency and can be difficult to handle, especially when turning or merging.