The freight company we had been using for several years was really dropping the ball with our pickups and deliveries. They were missing pickups constantly and giving very poor excuses for the mistakes. The freight company also had pretty steep prices and we were ready to find a new freight company. We started calling different freight companies in Perth WA (such as Tail Lift Transport) to get pricing information on our customer locations. We were able to get quotes right away from one of the freight companies and their customer service was great.

We decided to go with this particular freight company and couldn’t believe the difference in companies. We started using the freight company with just one of our customer locations to see how they would do. The truck arrived at the pickup location on time, picked up the freight and delivered it to our location without any problems at all. The price was much cheaper and their drivers are very competent and safe. We have given all of our customer locations for pickups and delivery to this new freight company and have had zero complaints thus far. We are very pleased with their work and are happy to continue to do business with them.

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